September 3, 2012

Patented Google Chrome OS


After several missed a patent on the Android operating system, now I do not want cheated with its other operating system, Chrome OS. Google reportedly has patented cloud-based operating system Chrome OS.

Pat the fuss Apple and Samsung largely because of software problems, it makes Android and Google does not want to risk this happening to its flagship cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS.

Cloud-based operating system that is usually embedded in the Chrome Book has been patented by Google. Chrome OS patent covers the entire system including the operating system in the cloud clients.

As reported from TomsHardware (02/09/2012), Google filed a patent titled Network based operating system across devices or network-based operating systems have been proposed traffic devices since March 2009.

Chrome OS patent covers everything that encompasses all aspects of the operating system, including the use of cloud-based Chrome OS on the client, web browser used bahwkan into an entity that will continue to be updated regularly.

Google itself is not a company that is free from patent conflicts, the search engine giant has been in conflict with Oracle's Java patents in the Android operating system, not to mention the position also in danger of attack Android Apple patents.

As the saying goes 'ready umbrella before it rains' before it gets worse, I take a few steps to acquire Motorola for patents that are owned and patented Chrome OS in order to avoid problems in the future.

In the meantime, the Chrome Book that carries a cloud-based operating system Chrome OS itself considered less success in the market since the internet connection is fast and stable became a mandatory requirement to enjoy the Chrome OS.

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